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Test session news!

Test session November 22, 2015. Applications must be turned in no later than November 1st. (applications now closed! Please note that an additional session will be held on Saturday November 21 because of the large number of tests.ion news!



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Breaking News: Max and Joy win the 2016 National Jr. Pairs Title!

TMax and Joyhe team of Joy Weinberg and Miami FSC member, Max Fernandez have been together less than nine months but entered the 2016 National Championships as contenders for the Jr. Pairs title. They had previously won the 2016 Eastern Sectional Pair Championships. Wednesday, January 2oth they left the Xcel Energy Center as the new U.S. junior pairs champions. The Miami FSC is so proud of their achievement!




We are member club #4956 of U.S. Figure Skating and the most southern club in the United States. The mission of the Miami Figure Skating Club is to serve as a fun, safe,
supportive community which promotes individual growth for figure skaters, both recreational and competitive, and to encourage good sportsmanship and teamwork, all through education, competitions, ice shows, testing, and social activities for the love of the sport.

Please go to our "Forms and Info" page for complete membership information.

Test Session Results

Alea The club had an extremely large number of tests (98) during the November 21 and 22, 2015 Test Session! Special congratulatons go to Alea Delmaestro who passed her Solo Gold Dance Test! Congratulations to all and job well done! Click here for complete test session results.


Miami FSC Club Party

Miami FSC Club Party NightWords can't describe all the fun the skaters had during the club party held on Saturday November 14th! Besides the skating, delicious snacks and DJ, club members were treated to hampster ball races!



Miami FSC Skaters Prepare to Leave for South Atlantic Regional Championships!Regionals Competitors

Miami FSC is very excited to be fielding this group of talented young skaters at the USFS South Atlantic Regional Championships. They will be traveling to Aston, Pennsylvania next week! We wish all competitors the best of luck! Pictured above from left to right are Ariana Silva/Falcon, Melissa Gonzalez, Anna Sophia Rodriguez, Maia Snyder, Dania Fernandez, Sarah Arana, Camila Vasquez, Isabella Martin, Veronica Manes and Danielle Cooner.

Breaking News!

Max and Joy compete this weekend at the ISU Jr. Grand PrixMax and Joy Torun In Torun, Poland! The pair recently won the Jr. Pairs Silver Medal in Colorado and are once again representing the U.S. at this important event!

Max Fernandez and Joy Weinberg win Silver at the ISU Jr. Grand Prix!

Max and Joy

Miami FSC Home Club Member Max Fernandez competed at the ISU Jr. Grand Prix in the Jr. Pairs event with partner Joy Weinberg. They placed first in the Short Program and Second in the Long program brining home the combined Silver Medal in the Jr. Parirs event. This prestigious international event was held in Colorado Springs, Co. The pair has only been together a short time and they are thrilled to have been selected by US Figure Skating to represent the U.S! Way to go Max and Joy!

Test Session News

Isabella Senior Moves TestCongratlations to Isabella  Vazquez for becoming the newest member of the elite "Senior" Club! Isabella accomplished the Senior Moves in the Field Test on the July 19, 2015 Miami FSC Test Session! The test session was another big success with tests ranging from Pre Preliminary to Senior. Another highlight was Melissa Gonzalez passing her Novice Freeskating Test! Congratulations to all!

July 19th Test Results Download      June 14th Results Download

MFSC Skaters take U.S. Figure Skating’s S.T.A.R.S. fitness tests

STARS Athletes

Caption – Miami Figure Skating Club athletes at the U.S. Figure Skating S.T.A.R.S. combine: Front Row (l to r) Katty Contreras, Melissa Gonzalez, Ariana Silva Falcon, Lesly Prieto; Back Row (l to r) Maia Snyder, Isabella Martin, Danielle Cooner, Iris Kirchman, Jade Garcia; Not pictured: Massiel Gonzalez.

On June 7, 2015, ten Miami Figure Skating Club athletes participated in U.S. Figure Skating’s S.T.A.R.S. fitness testing combine. The ten Miami skaters were, Maia Snyder, Melissa Gonzalez, Isabella Martin, Ariana Silva Falcon, Iris Kirchman, Danielle Cooner, Lesly Prieto, Katty Contreras, Jade Garcia, and Massiel Gonzalez. Isabella Vazquez and Veronica Manes also completed the S.T.A.R.S. combine in April and numerous other MFSC athletes have taken it in previous years.

S.T.A.R.S. fitness testing consists of 15 specific strength and conditioning assessments in three areas important to on-ice perfor¬mance: 1) Strength and power; 2) Flexibility; 3) Agility, balance and coordination. Although all of these athletic skills are trained on the ice, off-ice training in these areas is also important for strengthening muscles, improving specific techniques and reducing the athlete’s risk of injury.

Our Miami athletes received immediate feedback, including comparisons with other athletes of the same age and competitive levels, and specific exercises to improve each of the 15 assessed areas. That feedback can be shared with coaches and Kendall Ice Arena fitness trainers to assist in developing a training program tailored to each athlete’s specific strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the competitive season the athletes will be able to compare their results with all results from all athletes from previous years.

The S.T.A.R.S. combine also included a one hour seminar for coaches, parents, and athletes. The seminar was entitled “The Training Game” and was presented by Peter Zapalo, Director of Sports Science and Medicine for U.S. Figure Skating. The seminar heavily stressed coordinating on-ice lessons and practices and off-ice conditioning very specifically with performance goals for the year, and emphasized the importance of varying the training volume and intensity at different stages of the season for maximum results.

IJS Seminar

Featuring USFS National Technical Specialist Kate Horan

USFS Tech Specialist Critique Seminar

Kendall Ice Arena invited USFS National Technical Specialist Kate Horan from Virginia on April 25 and 26 to conduct a seminar for skaters planning to compete at the upcoming South Atlantics Regional Championships. Mrs. Horan started off with a Q & A Session and discussed important issues from the viewpoint of the IJS Technical Panel. The Miami FSC Regionals Team then presented their Long Programs on Saturday evening and Short programs on Sunday morning. The skaters were critiqued by the specialist who offered constructive IJS criticisim and tips. USFS Judge Christina Vandermissen joined in on Sunday morning to offer comments from the judges point of view. Parents, coaches and skaters all unanimously agreed that it was a very positive and productive weekend! Many thanks to Kate and Christina!

USFS National Components Camp News

Miami FSC USFS Components Camp SkatersComponents Camp Miami FSC Parents

Miami FSC Skaters are training at the USFS National Components Camp in Geneva, Illinois at the Fox Valley Ice Arena April 17-19, 2015. Pictured above from left to right are Danielle Cooner, Isabella Vazquez, Veronica Manes and Ariana Silva-Falcon.

This is a national training camp open to athletes who competed at the most recent regional championships. It will feature on-ice and off-ice classes designed to help competitive skaters improve their program components mark.

U.S. Figure Skating's Athlete Development Department is responsible for the curriculum, faculty and design of this camp. Athletes are assigned to "teams" of 20 skaters of similar skill, age and skating discipline. Athletes stay with their team for the entire weekend and learn in a fun, group environment.

The focus of the camp is on developing skills in a relaxed setting to help competitive skaters improve their scores in the five program components areas: Skating Skills, Transitions, Choreography, Performance/Execution and Musical Interpretation.

All presenters are selected for their expertise in teaching athletes "the second mark" and for their experience in working with groups of athletes. Singles, pairs and ice dancing athletes have the opportunity to focus on developing their inner artist and performer, their skating skills, edges and turns, making friends and having a blast while not having to worry about the technical aspect of the sport!

Great Results at the Florida Open!

Congratulations to all of the Miami FSC skaters who competed at the Florida Open in Maitalnd, Florida April 10 to 13. Our skaters performed exceptionally well with many medals received and two making the final rounds for the hotly contested Juvenile and Intermediate levels! Complete results can be found at


US Figure Skating Championships 2015Go Max and Cirinia!                                         January 17-25, 2015            (Click on the logo for complete Nationals Information).

Max and Cirinia at US NationalsWay to go! Max and Cirinia are the 2015 Junior Eastern Sectional Pair Champions! On to the US Figure Skating Championships!Greensborough Natiional Championships USFS

USFS Test Session Results Congratulations! - February 1, 2015 Results Download Here



Regional ChampionshipsCongratulations to all our 2015 South Atlantic Regional Competitors who competed in Alpharetta, Georgia! Job well done!














Annual Challenging competition for all levels of skaters featuring the full IJS computer system. The competition package is out with the exciting additon of Pairs and Solo Dance. Entries are though!

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Stay tuned for upcoming test session announcements. Please note that test applications must now be registered via We will no longer accept paper applications.